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EU sfera is a company with several years of experience in project management and consulting on the European Union.

We help you find EU funding opportunities and offer comprehensive advice on the preparation of project proposals as well as in the implementation and communication of European projects. We excel in the development of quality communication plans and provide effective implementation of campaigns and events.

Mito Žnidarko
A   university graduate in political science with more than ten years of experience in European affairs began his career as a trainee and then an information officer in the European Parliament. He later acted as project manager and political rapporteur at the European Commission. After several years in EU institutions he moved into the private sector and established his own consulting company.


Our team was from 2015 to 2021 mainly occupied with the day-to-day management of the Information Centre of the European Parliament and the European Commission in Slovenia, and of the Europa Experience Multimedia Centre in the House of the EU in Ljubljana. We have provided visitors with general advice about the EU, publications issued by European institutions, and guided tours of the multimedia centre. We managed bookings and offered support for a smooth implementation of events in the EU House conference facilities, organised events in our own capacity, and have received groups of visitors from educational institutions and other organizations.


To simplify the acquisition of European funds as well as the implementation of awarded projects. Ensure effective communication of EU related topics among target audiences.


EU sfera d.o.o.
Ulica Šercerjeve brigade 3
2319 Poljčane
Slovenia, EU